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Passionate southern Dane, with base in Copenhagen, working full-time tattooing professionally @ Handshake Studio in the heart of Copenhagen K. I've worked as a full-time professional since 2013 and there is nothing in the world I would rather do for a living than tattooing. 

I'm always doing my best to do something different, either with the colors I use, the way I use my machines or maybe even the way I shoot the picture for my portfolio. I'm also very honest and I'll without hesitation tell you if I don't like your idea. This is to prevent you from getting something either everyone else has or something you end up regretting.

I do custom traditional tattoos, mostly designs with bold outlines and solid fillings, but I'm always up for doing something slightly different. Geometric patterns, 
dotwork or fine lining are also among my interests. To me, it's important that I never do the same kind of designs over and over again. Take a look at my gallery, to make sure my style suits your taste.

I'm a trained professional and have high standards when it comes to hygiene. Only the best products will be used for tattooing. 

For more information about where and how I work, go to The Studio

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