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Handshake studio is located in the heart of Copenhagen, next to Kings garden, the National Gallery of Denmark and close to Nørreport. Our studio is cozy and laid back, with lots of space for both our artists and clients.

Our studio is functioning mainly as a tattoo & creative studio, but on special occasions it will house various events. This may be drawing-nights, guest artists, barbeque or something completely different. This goes very well with the kind of experience we want to provide for our customers. We will go a long way to provide more than just a tattoo. We're very straightforward and you're certain to be met with a warm and welcoming handshake, which is one of our core values at Handshake studio. Everyone is welcome!

You don't have to be a tattoo expert or have any artistic skills to get tattooed by any of us, we will take good care of you no matter the task.

For any questions may have, feel free to contact me in the Booking section

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